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Nowadays, in a time that is becoming faster and faster calmness is a rarity: It gives us power and makes it possible to find ourselves again. The Spa & Wellness Hotel St. Georg offers this luxury of total relaxation in many ways - in our sauna, the pool,... or just leave all your troubles behind and rest your mind in our relaxation area.

Relax in our lovingly appointed wellness oasis after an eventful day hiking in Seefeld Tyrol or after a golf game on the 18-hole golf course of the Golf Club Seefeld Tyrol.

Enjoy wellness holidays in Seefeld Tyrol!


Lie down and enjoy a massage - nothing will do more good to you! A professional massage can work wonders in terms of relaxation and vitalisation. Beside classic massages we also offer the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage.
  • Massagen

    Partial Massage
    Back, shoulder and neck for tense muscles, solves cramps, improves blood circulation and has a diuretic effect. Tense muscles which often are the cause of strong back pain will be resolved in a natural way with a massage." about 30 mins | EURO 35,00

    Full Body Massage
    The full body massage leads to a profound and beneficial harmony and relaxation - a pleasure for body, mind and soul. Nervousness and stress will be removed and you will feel more alive." about 50 mins | EURO 70,00

    Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
    This legendary Hawaiian massage is a combination of ritual, massage and dance.Lomi means 'press, knead and rub' and the doubling of the word Lomi significantly multiplies its importance: a massage that leads to unique well-being. It resolves inner blocks and feels like balsam to your body and soul. (90 mins, 1 therapist)" about 90 mins | EURO 129,00

    Relaxing Massage

    A wonderful relaxing and gentle massage - to recharge your batteries and to make you feel good." about 25 mins | EURO 35,00Foot massageVery pleasant and relaxing massage for tired feet and heavy legs." about 15 mins | EURO 25,00

Sauna & Infarotkabine

Spend enjoyable hours of relaxation in our recreation area with Bio and Finnish saunas, sunbeds and relaxation area.Take some time for yourself.Your body will be grateful.

Magnetic therapy

The magnetic therapy is one of the oldest and most natural therapy methods - without any harming side effects. It optimises the energy potential of the cells.This treatment is ideal for regeneration and holistic healing for different kinds of complaints.

Therapy costs: € 1,00 per minute

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